The semi-hard, inviting Dutch cheese travels all over the world. For example, as the Edam cheese ball, as the only authentic Gouda cheese. Dutch cheese date back decades and will continue for many more.

The organization

FrieslandCampina Cheese is part of the business group Cheese, Butter and Milkpowder, and is responsible for the production, packaging, and sales of a large selection of Dutch cheeses, such as semi-hard Gouda, Edam cheese, and Maasdammer cheese. Annually, Cheese processes more than 4.5 billion kilos of milk into cheese. With 2,200 employees, more than 15 production and packaging locations in the Netherlands and sales offices all over the world, FrieslandCampina Cheese is one of the largest cheese suppliers in the world.

The challenge

To translate the strategic plan, as was recently established by the FrieslandCampina management team and based on the company strategy, into a story that interests and touches the employees. The goal is to generate pride, instill passion, and involvement with the employee.

The project

After an extensive analysis of strategy, core documents, and additional (group) interviews with key people within the organization, the corporate story has been completed in stage 1. Based on this corporate story, Art of Story has written the script and the voice-text for the corporate movie, which has been produced in collaboration with 1Camera.

Other completed components of stage 2 include:

  • A kick-off session to introduce the corporate story (80 mangers)
  • Providing training to 90 participants (Storytelling in Leadership)
  • A customized manual to coordinate the implementation of the corporate story
  • Support in the collecting and selecting of stories from the organization