This is how we daily reach one out of six people in the whole world. We don’t always stop to think about this, and it is hard to comprehend, but that is millions of people a day.

The organization

FrieslandCampina DMV is part of the Ingredients business group and is responsible for producing milk powders and broadly used ingredients using milk proteins. FrieslandCampina DMV markets the dairy products under different brand names, such as DMV, Peption, Esprion, Textrion, and Satro. DMV is a synonym for reliability of delivery and quality to its clients.

The challenge

After formulating the renewed strategy, DMV searched for an effective manner to touch the 500 employees and involve them in the common goal.

The process

After the development of the corporate story of DMV, based on the analyzed core documents and additional interviews, Art of Story wrote the scenario and the voice over-text for the movie in stage 2. Art of Story was also responsible for the production of this movie. This movie is used at the opening of different ‘strategy meetings’.