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“Art of Story’s strength lies in its professionalism and creativity, in combination with a good idea of the client’s wishes.”

Luc Verhoeven
Secretary of the Board of BrabantZorg

1. The development of the corporate story

In the first stage, the corporate story is recorded. This document is a narrative translation of strategy, mission, and vision. The story is established based on documentation analysis, and individual and group interviews with employees from various levels in the organization.

2. The implementation of the corporate story

In this stage, the interaction in regards to the main themes, as recorded in stage 1, are the central focus. In short, input is provided (film, kick-off, training ‘Storytelling in leadership’) to subsequently collect output: personal case stories to illustrate the themes from stage 1. The latter is done in interaction sessions. These case examples literally add color to the main story and can be perfectly used for both internal as well as external communication.

3. The integration of the corporate story

Stage 2 provides a source for many stories. In stage 3, these stories are worked out, organized, and integrated in the overall communication, through online and offline media. Art of Story especially developed an online platform for this stage: the Storyplaza, where the corporate story lives for the long-run through the interactive exchange of stories.