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“Art of Story is very committed, knows what is going on in our organization and how to respond to it. Art of Story also knows how to truly communicate the importance of stories for the organization in a transparent manner.

Sandra Bloemrijk,
Communication advisor Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Eveline Bruijn
Managing director

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As a master in business administration and a cultural anthropologist, I am continuously searching for ways to improve business processes with a human approach. I am fascinated by the story behind every person and every organization. Furthermore, I was born with a love for languages, which – since my first little stories written by fountain pen – developed into a professional passion.
A good corporate story has both the clear framework of a researcher and the creativity of an artist. Only when reason and emotion have been connected in the correct manner, the heart of the corporate story is beating. That is the essence of the work – the Art of Story, again and again. I am impressed with the power of a story. Every organization should reward itself with a corporate story process.

Liset Hamming
Story consultant

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As a lawyer, I have learned to think clearly. I was taught to continuously consider the core, the essence, of negotiations or the process. In my work for Art Story, I can combine this experience with creative thinking. Thinking along with a focus determined by the company, sharpens our ideas and the texts we write.

At the same time, we discover new perspectives and other possibilities through creative thinking. This combination constantly ensures an original and authentic result, of which I am proud. Collaborating with people who understand the importance of clear and inspiring stories, who develop a deeper understanding and continuously develop themselves, is fun and inspirational.

Annelies Kruse
Story consultant

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I think it’s very interesting to take a close look at the client’s organization and to help translate a vision or strategy into a striking story that people will remember. That involves placing yourself in the shoes of the board which wishes to communicate a certain message versus the employee who should be touched by the story. Lending a ‘Listening ear’, seeing and understanding what is going on, analyzing and bringing out the essence of it all; that is what it’s all about.

The business-like approach of Art of Story appeals to me; using storytelling as part of your communication strategy. My background –copy writer/ corporate journalist and communication advisor in change processes– perfectly complements this. For me, it’s an excellent combination of thinking and doing.

Hester van Loon
Story consultant

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Writing is something I have enjoyed since my childhood, and that is the main reason I started to work for Art of Story. Furthermore, Art of Story offers me the space and opportunity to give my creative vision on business projects.
After completing my studies at the Theater school, I graduated in Modern Literature. The business side of the projects is a source of inspiration which provides me with structures for my creative writing.

Wim Berings
Trainer & coach

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I studied at the Drama Academy in Eindhoven, with a specialization in directing. In my role as an artistic director of a theatre company, teacher, and director, I have gained broad experience in the field of rhetoric, metaphoric, and storytelling. These experiences form the basis for training and coaching, which I have been actively providing for years in the Dutch and Flemish business world. My motivation to work as a trainer is based on my fascination in people and their need to grow and develop themselves.
At Art of Story, I collaborate with like-minded people, who equally believe in the power of the story – in the narrative – to achieve a manner of communication that touches both the head and heart.

Linda Voorduin
Back office

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At Art of Story, I am responsible for working out the interviews. I have a legal background, but in my work at Art of Story I do not necessarily use my qualifications. Actually, it is quite the opposite: working out the interviews provides me with insights into totally different areas of work with the corresponding visions and interactions. I experience this as an enrichment.
When I was approached by Art of Story with the request to support them with my office services, I was immediately enthusiastic. Art of Story is a young company with a lot of energy focused on going forward.

Rozalinda Bovend’Eerdt
Story designer

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One of the nice parts of my work at Art of Story is the fact that I can use my creative background. Additionally, it is necessary to quickly switch gears, giving me gratification from my work almost instantly.
There is always nice interaction. The texts of Art of Story inspire me to create visual work on one hand, and my visual work encourages the text formulation at Art of Story on the other hand. This exchange of disciplines works very nicely, enabling us to always reach great results collectively.

Giselle Segura Gelink
Story designer

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Born in Barcelona, raised in the Hague, and educated at the WDKA (Willem de Kooning Academy), I have been working as a dedicated graphic designer from my own studio in the Hague for clients all over the Netherlands since 2010. Art of Story is one of the clients that I like working for, and enjoy the freedom I am granted.
With my Catalan creativity and The Hague’s decisiveness, in close collaboration with the client, I create identities, websites, books, moving images, objects, and campaigns for a large diversity of target groups, from creating the design to the implementation of the projects.
In my work, I always try to look beyond the limits of graphic design, and like to incorporate several different disciplines and the use of new technologies, whenever possible.