Storyproof =
vision + synergy


“The level of service of Art of Story is one you seldom witness today. Very flexible sparring partner with high quality output.”

Isabel Heg
Communication Officer, FrieslandCampina Cheese, Butter & Milkpowder

Keep the
interaction alive

Art of Story aims to increase the involvement and the connectivity in the work place by using the story as a tool. We strive to make the organization ‘story proof’. Such an organization does not only translate the strategy, mission, and vision into a corporate story, but also succeeds in keeping the interaction about this alive.

The person behind
the position

The strength of a story is great, as it establishes an actual connection. Even dry and factual information captures everyone’s imagination when presented in a story. A personal story gives us insight into ‘the person behind the job’. We can more easily relate to the speaker and therefore the message relayed to us. Important result: we start to experience more trust.

Each person wants to be part of a larger picture and simultaneously have recognition for his or her own unique contribution. It is an art to link individuals and collective in such a manner that it results in synergy.

Trust is key

Trust is the keyword in building and maintaining relationships. This applies to both the communication within teams and between departments, as for the sales team that wins new clients with a captivating story. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies that communicate internally and externally in a narrative style are proven to be more successful.