“Rotterdam Business School educates students to become young business professionals who are future-proof. Future-proof means that you are able to sustain yourself in an uncertain and global environment and are able to respond to changes. This involves well-founded improvisation skills and the ability to push boundaries.”


The organization

Starting in 2017, 21 business administration and economics studies will be put under one umbrella at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: the Rotterdam Business School. Forces will be joined in order to improve the quality of the education.

The challenge

The 21 business administration and economics studies are currently run by four different institutes, each with its own focus. The challenge is to increase the connection internally and to strengthen the external positioning by disseminating an unequivocal message.

The trajectory

The corporate story trajectory consists of the following components:

  • the development of the overarching story
  • the facilitation of interaction sessions in order to collect striking business cases
  • to give more dimension to business cases through individual interviews
  • the transforming of the interviews into striking stories which can be placed on the website and the intranet giving advice in regards to the implementation of storytelling in the current communication
Photography: Roy Borghouts