Her name is Anna. She was brought to Geldrop years ago by covered wagon. Then a new hospital. Now, a unique healthcare group.
Toen, een startend ziekenhuis. Nu, een unieke zorggroep.

The organization

The St. Anna Healthcare Group is a unique healthcare group, with three brands: the St. Anna Hospital, Ananz, and TopSupport. The objective of the healthcare group is to promote health and quality of life for people in any stage of life. .

The challenge

The established long-term policy of the healthcare group demanded effective communication, both internal as well as external. Comprehensive language and a clear coherence between brands, core values, mission, vision, and program directions were the most important premises.

The process

For powerful communication of the – mainly strategic – long-term policy, a ‘narrative translation’ was chosen in the form of a corporate story (stage 1) with ‘The carrousel of health’ metaphor as the focus point. Art of Story converted this corporate story in to a movie, which will serve as the starting point for stage 2.