In order to grow sustainably and to increase impact, collaboration is a must. Ultimately the people within those partnerships make the difference.

The organization

Unilever is a world leader in fast-moving consumer goods. It sells approximately 400 brands in more than 190 countries. Every day, 2 billion people use a Unilever-product. More than 172,000 people work for Unilever, of which 3,100 people in the Netherlands.

The challenge

With the annual ‘update-event’ of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan coming up, Unilever looked for a more effective and original manner to tackle the interaction regarding the sustainable growth strategy. Both externally in a stakeholder-dialogue, and internally with its employees and both during the event and in the follow-up, and in the long run.

The trajectory

Based on the overarching concept that was developed by us called ‘The 7 ingredients for sustainable collaboration’, the storytelling-trajectory has been implemented in different ways.

We gave support in:


  • advice and guidance in the development of the program content of the event
  • personal coaching and preparation of speakers during the event
  • writing the voice-over text for an overarching video at the opening of the annual ‘USLP – update event’
  • advice and copywriting concerning the communication of the event
  • the development of a ‘storytelling challenge’ in the annual reoccurring ‘game’ concerning the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan
  • the development of an online story platform (Storyplaza) with the objective to share personal real life stories in relation to the ‘journey’ to sustainability in the long-term with the entire organization